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The Importance of HUGS

Personal Growth

Silent but Still Here

Hey friends (and followers) lots going on in my life lately and NO TIME for social media or Blogging.

I’m still HERE. Growing, Learning, Working on self love and boundaries.

Been trading in social media time for writing letters to friends and family. Want to receive a handwritten note?

I got my own wax seal!

Drop me a line and send me your mailing address in messages or email.

Sending out love into the world!

Food For Thought

How Rare Is This?


How rare is this for you?

For me, this is my “Unicorn”. In today’s world people SAY they are open minded and all inclusive, but what they mean is: THINK LIKE ME.

THINK LIKE “ME” Is impossible. Unless you are a computer. A computer only has the information YOU add. The WORLD doesn’t work this way.

Every person comes with their own unique personality traits, which shape and are shaped by their personal life experience and the perspective of the culture and place in which they live. This puts us each in our own way of perceiving the world and the information we take in. And… Holy Moly!! There is a lot to take in! All the time, everywhere!

Add in our culture, place of origin, family upbringing, social setting, and personal life experience… and you have an individual who could be working, living beside you with different outlook on life and every little piece in it. None of this makes them, their thought, belief’s, understanding of incoming information “Wrong” if it is different from yours.

I find it’s a rare person who can listen without judgement. It’s rare to find anyone I can have an open honest discussion about…anything, agree or disagree, and still respect each other as unique and beautiful people we are.

I feel blessed to have met 2 people (one being my husband) who I can share any thought or feeling, thought out or still in development process, without fear of judgment.

We may not agree, but we always respect each other’s thought process, life experience, and learned knowledge that has brought us to the discussion “table” as valid and honest.

Have you been fortunate to have a family member, spouse, partner or friend who has let you be yourself in all aspects of your “being”?

Share! ❤️

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How Media is Legally Allowed to Lie to You – Smith-Mundt Modernization Act w/ Alex Hilton

Mundt Act was passed after World War 2 for legal propaganda against all other countries except the US. The US never stopped propagandized the public but the statute allowed us to hold them accountable.

The Patriot Act is unconstitutional, in 2012 right before Christmas, this Smith-Mundt Modernization Act was sneaked through a partial Congress with the National Defense Authorization Act. 2 weeks later Sandy Hook happened. This needs to be reauthorized every few years because it is so criminal.

— Read on

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Important Role of Teens in Family AND Society

I came across this Blog post on Pinterest. I believe in the premise of both the highlighted article and the accompanying Blog about the article.

As a parent and of a teen, I know that it’s a constant balance between towing the “parental line” by enforcing the rules; and learning to let go of some rules in favor of allowing more freedom to make their own choices and mistakes (in a safe environment).

Food For Thought

Friendship in 2020

I know I’m in the market for some new friends.

Political views are one small part of who we are as individuals. We are all full of contradictions. How we chose to rectify those contradictions is an internal struggle that is NOT helped by someone telling you you’re not only wrong, but a horrible person, based solely on politics.

Broaden you view. See All the colors of the human experience and accept that we are all trying our best to find our way and be who we are in a world that is literally trying to tear us apart.

Random Thoughts

Choosing Your Words

Is there anything to say that does not offend someone?

In today’s world of “politically correct” and “micro aggressions” is ANY SPEECH safe from ridicule?

I feel like all the joy in conversation and debate has been taken away. I am rarely at ease anymore with anyone. Always worried something I say will be taken as argumentative, offensive, or even hurtful.

I miss the days of throwing out a thought, opinion, or observation, and then having an in-depth conversation over its merits or lack there of. Is it meaningful? Does it have validity? Is there evidence for or against? What experience do you provide to support or object? Have we learned something new?

I feel stagnant in this culture of divisiveness. You can only share ideas, opinions or thoughts that agree or you are labeled intolerant!

When did the very definition of intolerance loose its meaning?

I’m trying to think back to WHEN, exactly, we crossed this line where freedom of speech is only acceptable if you agree. I really can’t put my finger on when.., I just know now, that no one has the ability to laugh at themselves, see the reality in the ridiculous, the humor in the stereotype.


Food For Thought

Be Thankful, I don’t own a Taser.

Seriously. I’m really getting sick and tired of human idiocy. There are just too many stupid people in this world.

🛑 STOP screaming about injustice and burning down your community and START LISTENING to what your community is saying is important.

🛑 STOP being the “Mask Police” and make sure YOU are taking care of YOUR HEALTH an your family.

Any idea how many people I see on the daily not even properly wearing their mask?

NEWSFLASH: if it’s not COVERING NOSE TO CHIN: Protection=Zero. If you’re not wearing a New Mask into EACH PLACE YOU GO: protection=Zero. If you are not STERILIZING your mask after each use: protection=Zero. If you put you mask on your neck, head, or stuff it in your pocket: protection=Zero. If this was seriously a way to STOP VIRUS, there would be Hazardous Waste Receptacles for all used PPE… it would not be all over the park lot.


Screaming your OPINION in the face of others does not make you right, is not based in reality, nor is it true. AND… People stop listening.

The BLAME GAME will get you NOWHERE.


As a person who has experienced being a victim of life experiences outside my control, I have EXPERIENCE fighting for a better life, a better understanding of myself and those who victimized me when I could not protect myself.

Don’t let your past, your culture, your family, your friends, your state, or your country define you.

Be YOU. It means: Not being a Victim of what happened to you. It means FORGIVENESS. It means HARD WORK.

Don’t let one group identity define you. Stop trying to be a check box on a list.

We, each of us, are MORE than the sum of our parts.

I am “white.” ☑️ I am female. ☑️ I am “straight.” ☑️ I am also: a victim of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. ☑️ I am a victim of poverty. ☑️ I have lost jobs.☑️ I’ve been fired.☑️ I’ve been stalked.☑️ I’m a recovering alcoholic and addict.☑️
I’ve been without electricity and phone, and car.☑️ I’ve lived in fear for my life.☑️ I’ve lived in fear of loosing my home.☑️

NONE of the above defines WHO I AM.

I choose to define myself as: A survivor. An artist. A writer. A listener. A champion of women seeking to improve and achieve their dreams, big and small.


Any GOVERNMENT BODY telling you they are trying to protect you, make your life better, or promising you ANYTHING… is a LIE.

The ONLY way up and out of where you are is: Personal Responsibility and Hard Work. If you’re not willing to accept and do these 2 things, it doesn’t matter who tries to help you and what they promise… You are PLAYING the Victim Card and you’re stuck. No one’s coming to “save” you.



Random Thoughts

Inspired Quotes

This has become a guiding quote in my life of late.

I live my life by morals and values that are considered “conservative”

I’m not telling others how they should live, what they should believe, or how they should act.

I have taken to sharing my beliefs and values, though; which has come with a great amount of “backlash”

I believe in everyone’s rights to free speech. If your opinion differs from mine, I still respect you, even love you (if our relationship is close). I don’t believe we have to agree on everything to like, respect, or care for others.

I am finding that it is rare anymore for those who may disagree, to be respectful of opposing ideas, beliefs, and actions.

It’s been really hard on some friendships and I feel that I am loosing some friends that I previously thought were more open minded than their actions have proven.

Please, don’t close your mind and heart to friends and loved ones who’s beliefs, life choices, or opinions differ from your own.

Use it as an opportunity to open your heart and mind to other experiences, thoughts, ideas, knowledge that they have experienced and can share with you. Share your thoughts, ideas, and experience.

Learn from each other! Big things happen when we challenge ourselves outside our comfort zone!!!

Peace & Love to ALL ❤️

Random Thoughts

2020: The Year of Living Virtually

I’m perusing through our local paper and hit the “Arts & Events” page. I stop! Arts & Events??? What??? I thought we were”Shut Down!”

Then I read and realize… everything is “Virtual”: Facebook Meeting… Zoom Event… Virtual Tour.

I’m thinking we will look back at 2020 and realize it was the TRUE COMPUTER AGE! The age of looking at everyone and everything through a screen: TV screen, Computer screen, Phone screen, Window screen and… the screen door.

How many “virtual” events have you attended?

My daughter has “virtual” school every day.

All of my work is done via computer or phone… and occasional snail mail.

I’ve been attending a weekly art group through Zoom, and our family has celebrated 3 birthdays via Zoom “Parties”

What do you see as the most interesting or memorable part of Quarantine 2020: The Year of Living Virtually… or “Social Distancing”?

What events in your life were experienced differently?

Inquiring Minds want to know!