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Important Role of Teens in Family AND Society

I came across this Blog post on Pinterest. I believe in the premise of both the highlighted article and the accompanying Blog about the article.


As a parent and of a teen, I know that it’s a constant balance between towing the “parental line” by enforcing the rules; and learning to let go of some rules in favor of allowing more freedom to make their own choices and mistakes (in a safe environment).

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Practising Loving Kindness

WOW! So on-target with what I’m working on right now.

If you need help with ding love and kindness for yourself and others, this article lays out the perfect way to start!
— Read on empress2inspire.blog/2020/12/26/practising-loving-kindness/

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Drop The Titles, We Are All Americans

A powerful piece by Edge of Humanity. Spot ON.

— Read on edgeofhumanity.com/2020/12/27/drop-the-titles-we-are-all-americans/

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Puns For Fun & Laughter!

Have you seen #peadoodles? They are cute and humorous artful puns made from everyday items such as fruits, vegetables, furniture, and tools.

I think the artist, Lisa Slavid is clever and creative. Check her out on Pinterest, Facebook, or her website:

By the way… I appreciate all of you who follow this page and find my journey of self-discovery and community building worth your time ❤️

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Why Freedom Demands Responsibility

Why Freedom Demands Responsibility

Why Freedom Demands Responsibility
— Read on pointlessoverthinking.com/2020/11/03/why-freedom-demands-responsibility/

A bit of reading. It’s 💯 worth your time.

The freedoms we have in the USA are priceless!

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Why Do You Blog?


By Dr. Perry

This popped up in my WORDPRESS feed at the right time: I’m coming up on my 1-year anniversary for my Blog and considering if it’s serving a purpose, for others, for me.

I started my blog as a companion to the Facebook Page I was trying to grow into a community of support for people searching for purpose, interested in growing, and wanting to set and accomplish goals.
Admittedly, the first month I thought I’d lost my mind. Thinking I could set up and contribute regularly to a webpage was overwhelming. Though I’d read Blog posts before and enjoyed them, the thought of having a Blog of my own was (and still is) terrifying. I’m great one-to-one, but putting my self “out there” into the world still scares me.
Friends (most of whom don’t even follow my page!) kept encouraging me that I had something worth sharing.

The biggest reward for me is starring down my fear and putting myself out “there”, wherever that is.

I have a few followers and have received very little feedback, so that side has not yet felt like a reward. However, each time I share some aspect of myself or something that interests me… my fear lessens and I’m more empowered.
The reward is personal: recognizing my voice and accepting that my voice matters, if only to me.

Thanks, Dr. Perry, for your Blog post. This actually made me feel MORE committed to my Blog. I was considering giving it up, but now I see it is fulfilling a purpose: It’s ok if the purpose is me!

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Dear Society.

Dear Society.

Dear Society.
— Read on snippetsofsnapdragon.com/2020/05/06/dear-society/


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The Golden Ring of Russia. Photo 1 — SCENOVELA

Photo: Alex Markovich. Sergiev Posad, Moscow Oblast, Russia. December 2015.

The Golden Ring of Russia. Photo 1 — SCENOVELA

I absolutely LOVE everything about this photo. Looking at it makes me smile, not just my face, a Full Heart Smile. I’ve always found trees to be beautiful. Trees speak to me on a spiritual level: joy, sorrow, pain, laughter. It’s all mixed up inside of me. The bird in this picture makes me think of HOPE.

Right now, I am always looking for ways to keep hope alive. Hope for this quarantine to end. Hope for all those that are sick, heal. Hope for all the families and friends of loved ones survive the pain of loss. Hope that our love of humanity wins out over political and social differences that are tearing our country apart at the seams. Hope for a better tomorrow for my daughter and all the children growing up in this surreal atmosphere of isolation, fear, and blame.

This beautiful photo by Russian Photographer makes me realize that though our world is wide, it is also very small. We may be in different parts of the world, speak different languages, experience this pandemic in completely different ways…. but nature is always there. There are trees and birds and seasons and reasons to look for beauty in the everyday.

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Easy mail art ideas: Add color and pattern with wrapping paper

— Read on www.thinkmakeshareblog.com/mail-art-ideas/

Friends can look forward to some fun mail from ME 😁.

This Blog has many fun ideas… I encourage art and craft lovers to check it out!


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Identifying Your Core Values

I found a post on Pinterest and it really got me thinking…. how many people today REALLY know what is important to them and why?

This thing, of having Core Values, feels lost to today’s society. Everyone is screaming about what they “Believe.” Yet how many took the time to evaluate the information media, politics, family, and friends, social circles and educators throw at them?

With all this noise on what you should think (believe), how does one hear their inner voice?

If you have questions about what you believe… or if you just want to be CLEAR and have Facts and Reason behind your Core Values… check out this article and do some writing.


Your Core Values drive everything you believe and influence the choices you make.