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The Golden Ring of Russia. Photo 1 — SCENOVELA

Photo: Alex Markovich. Sergiev Posad, Moscow Oblast, Russia. December 2015.

The Golden Ring of Russia. Photo 1 — SCENOVELA

I absolutely LOVE everything about this photo. Looking at it makes me smile, not just my face, a Full Heart Smile. I’ve always found trees to be beautiful. Trees speak to me on a spiritual level: joy, sorrow, pain, laughter. It’s all mixed up inside of me. The bird in this picture makes me think of HOPE.

Right now, I am always looking for ways to keep hope alive. Hope for this quarantine to end. Hope for all those that are sick, heal. Hope for all the families and friends of loved ones survive the pain of loss. Hope that our love of humanity wins out over political and social differences that are tearing our country apart at the seams. Hope for a better tomorrow for my daughter and all the children growing up in this surreal atmosphere of isolation, fear, and blame.

This beautiful photo by Russian Photographer makes me realize that though our world is wide, it is also very small. We may be in different parts of the world, speak different languages, experience this pandemic in completely different ways…. but nature is always there. There are trees and birds and seasons and reasons to look for beauty in the everyday.

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