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Land of Opportunity

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start. ~Nido Qubein

Food For Thought

Diversity In The Modern World

“I’m not here to talk about black people; I’m here to talk about diversity. Diversity in the modern world is more than just skin color. It’s gender, …

Diversity In The Modern World

💯Amen. What’s happened to having an open mind?

Free exchange of ideas without the assumption that someone is trying to put you down or be superior.

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Food For Thought

Mental Health Awareness

This is me

Mental Health Awareness is a relatively “New Thing.” Many people still feel the sting of shame in admitting they are affected.

On a personal one-to-one basis, I am not ashamed to share my battle with mental illness, nor am I ashamed to admit my family is riddled with it in its many forms. On the “Grand Stage,” (aka: in a public way) it still scares me.

What will people think of me?

How will their opinion of my capabilities be altered?

Will they believe I am less capable of rational thoughts or behaviors?

Will they be afraid of me?

Mental illness is riddled with insecurities . It’s is my biggest Monster. Always lurking over my shoulder, whispering painful thoughts in my ear. Feeding on my secret insecurities, telling me I am just a big phony. My existence means nothing.

I fight this monster EVERY DAY. In addition to being a wife, a mother, an employee, a sister, a friend… I fight with my MONSTER EVERY DAY.

Most days, I beat that anxiety and depression monster back into the closet and slam the door. “Good Riddance!” I say, and move on with my day, knowing I am capable and valuable to the life I lead.

Other days, no matter how hard I try… that Monster sits on my shoulder and drags me through my day. Fake smile in place, I move through my day on autopilot, praying for bedtime and oblivion.

Then there are THE DAYS. The ones I can’t even get out of my pajamas. I’m sure I’m a worthless human being and the world would be a better place without me. These are my truly DARK DAYS. The days I don’t have the energy to fight the monster. The days I struggle to hold in all the pain and worthlessness I feel. And I PRAY for a better tomorrow.

During this time of Quarantine, I can tell you I have been on a wild never ending rollercoaster ride.

Shout out to those struggling with mental illness and winning… and those who feel like they are loosing. You are not alone ❤️.

To those who have friends and family who struggle with mental health… be kind. Reach out. Be grateful it’s not your battle to fight.

Mental illness NEVER ends. Just like so many other illnesses people live with daily, mental illness deserves the same respect and understanding.

#mentalhealthawareness #openandbrave

Random Thoughts

My New Favorite App!

Last week my sister sent me an invitation to this app. I’ve been enjoying the app.

Everyday, this app, gives you a quote or joke… something to inspire or make you laugh.

Each day has a theme and a host of questions to help you think about what’s important to you. You can answer one question,or all of them!

Then, you can have conversations with others by sharing likes, dislikes, experiences, thoughts on life… and they can respond! Friends, family, and even love notes for your special someone.

I must admit, at first I was skeptical. Since starting, my sister and I have shared some fun and silly thoughts. My husband and I have shared some sweet love notes.

Now, everyday, I look forward to a new theme, a new question, or new insight into people I care about.

Download Longwalks and build your community! (Or join mine!)

Personal Growth


by Your Daily Encouragement

Kindness goes a long way toward smoothing out life’s rough edges.

One of life’s IMPORTANT LESSONS is learning to Agree to Disagree.

HELLO! Not the end of the world if someone you know, love, or don’t know, disagrees.

PLEASE! The world will NOT stop spinning. Nothing BAD happens when you disagree… *UNLESS you take it personally.

Our differences in experience, religion, politics, social culture, race, country, interests are what make us unique individuals!

Get to know each other BEFORE you judge! OPEN your mind and heart to learn something new!

*Be Nice.* Be respectful of opinions and choices different from your own. Our differences are what make life interesting!

Differing opinions often come from having different life experiences: growing up in a different culture, or a different time (WWII, the 70’s.), being from a different country, experience with a different religion. *None of these are BAD or GOOD. They simply ARE, they EXIST.

*Be kind.* Treat the world with kindness, and you will get kindness in return.

If you approach life, and people with an open mind and heart (kindness), the places new knowledge can come from are infinite!

When something someone says makes you question, or think about, your previously conceived thought, feeling, opinion… Do some un-biased research: look at it with new eyes. This is called learning. It’s how we grow, evolve, understand, and become more understanding ❤️.

#openyourmind #alwayslearning #bekind #evolve #openandbrave