Personal Growth


by Your Daily Encouragement

Kindness goes a long way toward smoothing out life’s rough edges.

One of life’s IMPORTANT LESSONS is learning to Agree to Disagree.

HELLO! Not the end of the world if someone you know, love, or don’t know, disagrees.

PLEASE! The world will NOT stop spinning. Nothing BAD happens when you disagree… *UNLESS you take it personally.

Our differences in experience, religion, politics, social culture, race, country, interests are what make us unique individuals!

Get to know each other BEFORE you judge! OPEN your mind and heart to learn something new!

*Be Nice.* Be respectful of opinions and choices different from your own. Our differences are what make life interesting!

Differing opinions often come from having different life experiences: growing up in a different culture, or a different time (WWII, the 70’s.), being from a different country, experience with a different religion. *None of these are BAD or GOOD. They simply ARE, they EXIST.

*Be kind.* Treat the world with kindness, and you will get kindness in return.

If you approach life, and people with an open mind and heart (kindness), the places new knowledge can come from are infinite!

When something someone says makes you question, or think about, your previously conceived thought, feeling, opinion… Do some un-biased research: look at it with new eyes. This is called learning. It’s how we grow, evolve, understand, and become more understanding ❤️.

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