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This has become a guiding quote in my life of late.

I live my life by morals and values that are considered “conservative”

I’m not telling others how they should live, what they should believe, or how they should act.

I have taken to sharing my beliefs and values, though; which has come with a great amount of “backlash”

I believe in everyone’s rights to free speech. If your opinion differs from mine, I still respect you, even love you (if our relationship is close). I don’t believe we have to agree on everything to like, respect, or care for others.

I am finding that it is rare anymore for those who may disagree, to be respectful of opposing ideas, beliefs, and actions.

It’s been really hard on some friendships and I feel that I am loosing some friends that I previously thought were more open minded than their actions have proven.

Please, don’t close your mind and heart to friends and loved ones who’s beliefs, life choices, or opinions differ from your own.

Use it as an opportunity to open your heart and mind to other experiences, thoughts, ideas, knowledge that they have experienced and can share with you. Share your thoughts, ideas, and experience.

Learn from each other! Big things happen when we challenge ourselves outside our comfort zone!!!

Peace & Love to ALL ❤️

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