Food For Thought

Be Thankful, I don’t own a Taser.

Seriously. I’m really getting sick and tired of human idiocy. There are just too many stupid people in this world.

🛑 STOP screaming about injustice and burning down your community and START LISTENING to what your community is saying is important.

🛑 STOP being the “Mask Police” and make sure YOU are taking care of YOUR HEALTH an your family.

Any idea how many people I see on the daily not even properly wearing their mask?

NEWSFLASH: if it’s not COVERING NOSE TO CHIN: Protection=Zero. If you’re not wearing a New Mask into EACH PLACE YOU GO: protection=Zero. If you are not STERILIZING your mask after each use: protection=Zero. If you put you mask on your neck, head, or stuff it in your pocket: protection=Zero. If this was seriously a way to STOP VIRUS, there would be Hazardous Waste Receptacles for all used PPE… it would not be all over the park lot.


Screaming your OPINION in the face of others does not make you right, is not based in reality, nor is it true. AND… People stop listening.

The BLAME GAME will get you NOWHERE.


As a person who has experienced being a victim of life experiences outside my control, I have EXPERIENCE fighting for a better life, a better understanding of myself and those who victimized me when I could not protect myself.

Don’t let your past, your culture, your family, your friends, your state, or your country define you.

Be YOU. It means: Not being a Victim of what happened to you. It means FORGIVENESS. It means HARD WORK.

Don’t let one group identity define you. Stop trying to be a check box on a list.

We, each of us, are MORE than the sum of our parts.

I am “white.” ☑️ I am female. ☑️ I am “straight.” ☑️ I am also: a victim of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. ☑️ I am a victim of poverty. ☑️ I have lost jobs.☑️ I’ve been fired.☑️ I’ve been stalked.☑️ I’m a recovering alcoholic and addict.☑️
I’ve been without electricity and phone, and car.☑️ I’ve lived in fear for my life.☑️ I’ve lived in fear of loosing my home.☑️

NONE of the above defines WHO I AM.

I choose to define myself as: A survivor. An artist. A writer. A listener. A champion of women seeking to improve and achieve their dreams, big and small.


Any GOVERNMENT BODY telling you they are trying to protect you, make your life better, or promising you ANYTHING… is a LIE.

The ONLY way up and out of where you are is: Personal Responsibility and Hard Work. If you’re not willing to accept and do these 2 things, it doesn’t matter who tries to help you and what they promise… You are PLAYING the Victim Card and you’re stuck. No one’s coming to “save” you.



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