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Patriotic Not Political

My Quarantine 2020 Journal

I want to be clear: I am not making a political statement.

I am working on a #100daychallenge2020 using Art Journaling as a self-care measure and expression. This project is a way of keeping consistency during this time of Social Distancing, stress/anxiety relief, letting my experience of Art Lab Classes continue through trying new things, and letting the Art take me where it wants to.

So, on Thursday, I took a piece of an old book (bought at a library book sale) and I made it into something new by seeing what words “spoke” to me. The funny thing about this day’s project is this: the page is taken from a gardening book about different types of flora and fauna from an English garden. Yet from this gardening page came a sense of patriotic pride I didn’t even know I was feeling.

The words that popped out too me were: exquisite, kingdom, It’s name is America, the great. From these words the art took me to a place of honoring the ideas and beliefs our country was founded on: land of the Brave, home of Freedom, land of opportunity (which can lead to success).

Though this is not a Right vs. Left point if view piece, found myself feeling afraid of how others would view and judge it. I was afraid that others would SEE it as a statement of one view or the other. This made me realize that I needed to put it out there. I needed to share my feelings about it… and let others do the same however they need and want to.

I believe these statements to be true of America:

  • America IS Land of the Brave
  • America IS Home of Freedom
  • America IS the place where Successes ride on the tails of opportunities taken

Is America perfect? No. Are Americans the best people? Not always. Like any country, anywhere in the world, we have our flaws and our strengths, our great people/great minds, and our evil people/dirty minds.

I’m not casting aspersions on any other country. You may live in another country, and hopefully YOU are proud to be a citizen THERE. I hope that where-ever you live, you are proud to be a part of that country and community.

I’m not a proud of every American, I am proud to BE American. I’m grateful that I was born in a country founded on autonomy and freedom. Where we can be who we choose, and let others do the same. Where differences of opinion are allowed, if not necessarily accepted. A country where individuals have the freedom to take opportunities, or not. No one must stay where they start, nor does the government tell you who you are or what you must be.

Don’t miss understand, I am not saying everyone here lives their best life here. My own life has had its share of personal tragedy and setbacks, but I have a good life. I am not a millionaire. I’m not a captain of industry.

Even now… during quarantine and having sustained a severe second degree burn a week ago today that is driving me crazy, I am happy.

I have a good life:

  • I have a husband who loves and supports me
  • I have a daughter I love, who has far greater goals than I could ever have imagined for her or myself- and nothing stopping her from achieving them!
  • I have a home
  • I have a working car
  • I have plenty of food and clothes for my comfort
  • I have a job that challenges me
  • I have interests that I participate in

When I look at this list, I realize how grateful I am to be where I am. I’m not Rich or powerful. Then again, those were never my goals.

My life goals were to have a home, have a family, have a job where I help people. I have these things. Do I have everything I want? Heck, No. That’s what goals are for. To keep me striving, learning, growing!

In closing, this journal piece represents to me: opportunity, freedom, and bravery. The things I am always striving for❤️.

#possibilities #openandbrave

Personal Growth

Transformation Week

This post was from the first week of January 2019.

I way overslept and now I’m trying to get my day back on track
It will happen!

How do you rain-in your day when it’s gone off the rails?

#transformationweek #Hpxlife
Technically, Day 3 (video & worksheet post at 1pm PST)
I’m starting my day working on Day 2 exercises: Get Energy!
If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time!!! Go to to get logged in! It’s FREE!  #openandbrave

So yesterday was a bit crazy with catching up on my late start. However, I want to share how much I am learning and enjoying #transformationweek #hpxlife with Brendon Burchard and his wife, Denise!

Day 3 topic: self-discipline (an area I always can improve!)
Day 4 topic: productivity mind-set

I encourage anyone struggling with momentum, setting intentions, trying to figure out what you want… etc. to CHECK IT OUT! The worksheets really help get clarity.

Looking forward to Day 5!!!

**HPXLife with Brendon Burchard has just completed another Transformation Week! (June 2019) Check out for more upcoming dates. **

Personal Growth

Art Journaling

I’m not sure, but I probably mentioned in previous posts that I joined an art group in January. This has been an an amazing gift that I gave to myself: a weekly date to immerse myself in art and fellowship with a group of fellow artists.

Since the class started I have grown to deeply care for these women and the experience we share with each other. Our Tuesday morning meetings are SACRED SPACE. We come together, sharing concerns, joys, and ideas… and we make art.

When Social Distancing was put in place, I mourned the loss of this important weekly meeting of minds, hearts, and art. What would happen with these new-found connections, still in the infancy of development? Would all the ground I gained in art expression, self-connection, and community be lost?

Thank GOD! The answer was “NO!” Our ingenious leaders gathered their knowledge, ingenuity, and community spirit and reached out offering a weekly ZOOM virtual meeting! Thank you, thank you, thank you 1000x over!!!

Our first meeting we discussed many ideas and ways to commune with each other in this virtual world. Our decided Plan: we would each make an Art Journal to process our experience and share in art, work, and community via weekly Zoom meetings.

So for the first time EVER, I have committed to journaling through art expression multiple times a week, and during my weekly group meeting! Disclaimer: I have art journaled before. BUT… I never stuck with it for any extended period and my efforts were sporadic at best.

This. Is a commitment. During this time of quarantine, I contributing to my art journal in some way every day. Some days it’s prep: setting up a page(s), others it’s drawing, painting, stamping, or writing. Trying new techniques and ideas, exploring my emotions through art.

Some times it’s whimsical, others will be serious, some playful, some determined.

This is my self-care: My Art Journal. Tracking my Evolution through this time of quarantine and Social Distancing and delving into myself to discover hidden depths.

#lifeisart #livecreatively openandbrave

Personal Growth

International Women’s Day

Having a daughter, this means so much. It reminds me to be my best self and a strong example of what it means to be a working woman, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, an influence on the people and community around me.

  • Live your truth in action
  • Know what you believe and why
  • Have a moral compass and live by it
  • Be true to your core values, and know what they are
  • Be responsible for your choices
  • Only YOU know how to find your happiness… listen to your inner voice
  • Trust your instincts
  • Love yourself fully: embrace your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses

Be true to YOU. You’re not in competition with anyone but yourself.



Random Thoughts


My Girl one FIRST PLACE at today’s State HOSA Conference.

Her first Conference!

Earlier this month she took a Veterinary Exam to place in competition for the conference. I was so proud of her for taking on the challenge. She had to take on extra study on top of an already rigorous school/study schedule of all Honors classes.

She’s working so hard toward her goal. She wants to go to Cornell for undergraduate and veterinary school. She knows how fierce tithe competition is and she’s set her sights high.

Personal Growth

Honesty: Breaking Free

An Original, Feb 2020

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want. AND what I’m afraid to ask for. Here is my list:

  • A close circle of friends I can ALWAYS depend on.
  • A Great Community of Women who enjoy sharing, supporting, and encouraging each other
  • EVE: Empowerment Vitality Evolution (living my mission)
  • Time and money to participate in growth opportunities that interest me.
  • To have AND be a LIFE COACH
  • Having an Accountability Buddy
  • More Romance in my life.
  • Making productive time for my mental and physical health (accountability buddy)
  • Adventure!
  • Being a leader (which scares the CRAP out of me!)

What are the things your HEART yearns for, but you’re afraid to put into words?

Food for thought…

#openandbrave #possibilities

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Food For Thought

Are YOU at Peace?

If the Answer is “YES”

What are you actively doing to be in that place of peacefulness?

If the answer is “NO”

Ask yourself some questions… take stock of where you are in this moment.

  • Where are you feeling ill-at-ease?
  • What is bothering you?
  • What can you CHANGE?
  • What ACTIONS can you take to move toward Peace?

#beatpeace #learningmentality #possibilities #openandbrave

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This article is so inspiring! When I read it in December 2018, it kickstarted my growth journey and the development of EVE: Empowerment Vitality Evolution.

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