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I’m not sure, but I probably mentioned in previous posts that I joined an art group in January. This has been an an amazing gift that I gave to myself: a weekly date to immerse myself in art and fellowship with a group of fellow artists.

Since the class started I have grown to deeply care for these women and the experience we share with each other. Our Tuesday morning meetings are SACRED SPACE. We come together, sharing concerns, joys, and ideas… and we make art.

When Social Distancing was put in place, I mourned the loss of this important weekly meeting of minds, hearts, and art. What would happen with these new-found connections, still in the infancy of development? Would all the ground I gained in art expression, self-connection, and community be lost?

Thank GOD! The answer was “NO!” Our ingenious leaders gathered their knowledge, ingenuity, and community spirit and reached out offering a weekly ZOOM virtual meeting! Thank you, thank you, thank you 1000x over!!!

Our first meeting we discussed many ideas and ways to commune with each other in this virtual world. Our decided Plan: we would each make an Art Journal to process our experience and share in art, work, and community via weekly Zoom meetings.

So for the first time EVER, I have committed to journaling through art expression multiple times a week, and during my weekly group meeting! Disclaimer: I have art journaled before. BUT… I never stuck with it for any extended period and my efforts were sporadic at best.

This. Is a commitment. During this time of quarantine, I contributing to my art journal in some way every day. Some days it’s prep: setting up a page(s), others it’s drawing, painting, stamping, or writing. Trying new techniques and ideas, exploring my emotions through art.

Some times it’s whimsical, others will be serious, some playful, some determined.

This is my self-care: My Art Journal. Tracking my Evolution through this time of quarantine and Social Distancing and delving into myself to discover hidden depths.

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