Personal Growth

Honesty: Breaking Free

An Original, Feb 2020

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want. AND what I’m afraid to ask for. Here is my list:

  • A close circle of friends I can ALWAYS depend on.
  • A Great Community of Women who enjoy sharing, supporting, and encouraging each other
  • EVE: Empowerment Vitality Evolution (living my mission)
  • Time and money to participate in growth opportunities that interest me.
  • To have AND be a LIFE COACH
  • Having an Accountability Buddy
  • More Romance in my life.
  • Making productive time for my mental and physical health (accountability buddy)
  • Adventure!
  • Being a leader (which scares the CRAP out of me!)

What are the things your HEART yearns for, but you’re afraid to put into words?

Food for thought…

#openandbrave #possibilities

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