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Philosophy: the power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without; autonomy; self-determination.

Freedom does not mean I have to agree with you, like you, or personally accept/condone/ support your life choices.

Freedom means I respect your right to have views, lifestyle, religions beliefs that differ from my own. I make space that allows for differences to co-exists.

Way Back… in the 1970’s and 1980’s:

We took classes in Social Studies, Civics/Government, History (of country and state). IN ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL!

We studied the Branches of Government.

We learned about Checks & Balances.

We had to MEMORIZE the Preamble to the Constitution! 😱

We were taught the highs and lows in our country and our state’s history.

This is my take-away from MY education:

I learned that MY VOICE matters. My VOTE matters on a community level. My VOTE matters on a State level.

Because My Vote Matters, I need to be educated on how government works. I need to understand that LOCAL and STATE Governments have THE MOST POWER over how I live my daily life, and the quality at which I live it.

I needed to LEARN the function of government in my life and how to use my voice to best effect: at my local and state level.

All that said, if you are not happy with your life… the CHANGE (aka improvement), starts with YOU. Your government can’t and WON’T even try to fix it… NO MATTER WHAT A POLITICIAN PROMISES.

PS: Shout Out to Schoolhouse Rock. They had some great lessons too👍🏻.

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Personal Growth

I Rise from the Ashes

Art Journal Project #100daychallege2020

My Affirmations lead to

My Gratitude, which leads to

Me: Rising from the Ashes of FEAR.

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Identifying Your Core Values

I found a post on Pinterest and it really got me thinking…. how many people today REALLY know what is important to them and why?

This thing, of having Core Values, feels lost to today’s society. Everyone is screaming about what they “Believe.” Yet how many took the time to evaluate the information media, politics, family, and friends, social circles and educators throw at them?

With all this noise on what you should think (believe), how does one hear their inner voice?

If you have questions about what you believe… or if you just want to be CLEAR and have Facts and Reason behind your Core Values… check out this article and do some writing.

Your Core Values drive everything you believe and influence the choices you make.



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Long Live The Books | The Disappearing Bookstores

I spent my childhood, ok tweens & teens huddled in the corner of San Rafael Book & News…. Ah the memories. I can still smell the paperbacks 📚 📖.

My most depressing moment recently: my daughter’s High School Library… computers & ports with a smattering SMATTERING of books 😢.

Kids today don’t even know what the Dewey Decimal System is, let alone how to use it.

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Long Live The Books | The Disappearing Bookstores
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Personal Growth


by Your Daily Encouragement

Kindness goes a long way toward smoothing out life’s rough edges.

One of life’s IMPORTANT LESSONS is learning to Agree to Disagree.

HELLO! Not the end of the world if someone you know, love, or don’t know, disagrees.

PLEASE! The world will NOT stop spinning. Nothing BAD happens when you disagree… *UNLESS you take it personally.

Our differences in experience, religion, politics, social culture, race, country, interests are what make us unique individuals!

Get to know each other BEFORE you judge! OPEN your mind and heart to learn something new!

*Be Nice.* Be respectful of opinions and choices different from your own. Our differences are what make life interesting!

Differing opinions often come from having different life experiences: growing up in a different culture, or a different time (WWII, the 70’s.), being from a different country, experience with a different religion. *None of these are BAD or GOOD. They simply ARE, they EXIST.

*Be kind.* Treat the world with kindness, and you will get kindness in return.

If you approach life, and people with an open mind and heart (kindness), the places new knowledge can come from are infinite!

When something someone says makes you question, or think about, your previously conceived thought, feeling, opinion… Do some un-biased research: look at it with new eyes. This is called learning. It’s how we grow, evolve, understand, and become more understanding ❤️.

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