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Taking A Much Needed “Time Out”

I’m in Athens, Georgia for 2 weeks to help family. I love them and I’m happy to have a job that allows me to work from anywhere so I can be here to help when they need it.

Those who are in the Healthcare profession or are caregivers for loved ones know what this means. It’s an act of love, done gratefully and (hopefully) gracefully. It is also emotionally, mentally, and physically draining.

This is a reminder that it’s time to take a BREAK, or as I call it a “Time Out.”

I’ve been here a week and today I needed that “time out.” Luckily, the weather has started to turn for Autumn and the temperature/humidity has let up and cooled. So today, my time is being spent outside.

The Georgia Botanical Gardens has always been a favorite place for me, when I lived here and now when I visit.

Botanical Garden Beauty
Water Feature at Visitor Center Entrance

As I sit by this beautiful water feature at the entrance to The Visitor Center, I feel my stress, sadness, anxiety and exhaustion melt away…

I hope you take a “Time Out” if you need it. Remember: you’re no good to anyone if you’re not good to yourself ❤️


Personal Growth

The Real Me and the “Me” You See

I’ve been gone a while. From my Blog, from the “Me” I want to be, from having anything I felt I could share. For this, I am sorry.

I know that the writings of others often help me when I feel low, and yet that is when I am least likely to share. I don’t like to show the ugly underbelly of my depression and anxiety and where it takes me. The flip side of that is that I know these are the things that people need to hear and see… my very HUMANNESS.

I only want to share when I’ve figured something out, or had a new revelation.These are important too. Still, others also need to see the struggle. So again, I’m sorry for not being here to share mine.

I promise to do better at showing up. In the meantime, here’s a bit of wisdom (from elsewhere) that struck me recently:

I am posting my picture with this list because:

  1. This picture is not me, and yet… it is me.
  2. The REAL ME needs that second picture. That list of “Reminders.”

I am this picture… sometimes. I am often NOT this picture. I am the same mess you feel like. I struggle to do those “healthy things.”

Some days I can’t get out of my pajamas. Some days I can’t get organized. I don’t have energy or make time for self-care: exercise, Art, journaling, writing that “To Do List” (or doing it!).

Don’t be fooled by this first picture. She looks like she’s doing everything right… all the things you think you “should” be doing.

The ME behind the picture needs people like YOU. You remind me it’s ok to be a “Work-in-Progress” the same way you need ME to remind you that this list of Affirmations are important.

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Balance, Boundaries, and Peace of Mind

A BIG part of my Power Word for 2021: Balance, is learning to walk away from energy draining experiences.

Gotta be HONEST… this is HARD WORK for me! I’m an emotional person. I feel everything deeply. Discussions about Issues and values I hold dear to my heart are hard to walk away from.

I’m increasingly finding that people (especially on social media) want to drag me into arguments rather than honest discussion of differing opinions, ideologies, and values. These so-called “accepting people” would rather finger-point and yell and scream. This is a useless undertaking. These people aren’t interested in a discussion about the complexity of an issue. They simply want to “Take a Stand” and tell me how I am wrong or even a bad person if I disagree with their cause, ideology, or opinion.

This is a complete waste of time and energy. Yet the drama is VERY addicting.

I must work hard to resist the pull of these futile endeavors.

My mantra: “I am living my life in balance and with healthy boundaries.”


Nothing in today’s world is going to be better if i sacrifice my peace of mind.

Life is hard enough without inviting someone else’s “Crazy” into my consciousness.

Personal Growth

2021: The Year of BALANCE

New Year, New Intentions…

BALANCE is a skill I will be working on and (possibly) perfecting?

Well, progress anyway. 😁

I am working on a few goals right now, small ones:

  1. Reading daily (learning new information)
  2. Regular bedtime: 9:30pm
  3. Regular wake up time: 6am (working toward 5am)
  4. Daily exercise: yoga and/or 30 min Walk
  5. Work structure: start, breaks, stop times

Also, being intentional with my time, my energy, and my friendships.

Do you have an intention for 2021?

If so, what are the steps you are taking to achieve it?

Random Thoughts

2020 Be Gone!

Wishing everyone a better year in 2021:






Time with friends

Time with family

Your dream job

A job

Safe home

Food on your table

Bills paid

Your dream vacation

All you can dream of and more!

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Drop The Titles, We Are All Americans

A powerful piece by Edge of Humanity. Spot ON.

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What Are YOU Inviting Yourself to Experience?

Art Journal 39/100


How will YOU answer that question?

Today, the sun is shining the allergens are low and I am sitting in the sun.

Today, I made time for Art Therapy with my group via Zoom, not something I’ve allowed myself for a few weeks.

Today I invite myself to embrace my child-like joy.

Today I invite myself to BE IN THIS MOMENT.

Today I invite myself to Dance, without judgement.

Today I invite myself to Breath with ease.

Today I invite myself to be FREE: of judgement, guilt, and the “shoulds”

Today I invite myself to laugh and smile for NO REASON.

What will YOU invite yourself to do?

#possibilities #openandbrave

Food For Thought



Philosophy: the power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without; autonomy; self-determination.

Freedom does not mean I have to agree with you, like you, or personally accept/condone/ support your life choices.

Freedom means I respect your right to have views, lifestyle, religions beliefs that differ from my own. I make space that allows for differences to co-exists.

Way Back… in the 1970’s and 1980’s:

We took classes in Social Studies, Civics/Government, History (of country and state). IN ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL!

We studied the Branches of Government.

We learned about Checks & Balances.

We had to MEMORIZE the Preamble to the Constitution! 😱

We were taught the highs and lows in our country and our state’s history.

This is my take-away from MY education:

I learned that MY VOICE matters. My VOTE matters on a community level. My VOTE matters on a State level.

Because My Vote Matters, I need to be educated on how government works. I need to understand that LOCAL and STATE Governments have THE MOST POWER over how I live my daily life, and the quality at which I live it.

I needed to LEARN the function of government in my life and how to use my voice to best effect: at my local and state level.

All that said, if you are not happy with your life… the CHANGE (aka improvement), starts with YOU. Your government can’t and WON’T even try to fix it… NO MATTER WHAT A POLITICIAN PROMISES.

PS: Shout Out to Schoolhouse Rock. They had some great lessons too👍🏻.

#personalresponsibility #freedom #openandbrave

Personal Growth

I Rise from the Ashes

Art Journal Project #100daychallege2020

My Affirmations lead to

My Gratitude, which leads to

Me: Rising from the Ashes of FEAR.

#artjournal #openandbrave

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Identifying Your Core Values

I found a post on Pinterest and it really got me thinking…. how many people today REALLY know what is important to them and why?

This thing, of having Core Values, feels lost to today’s society. Everyone is screaming about what they “Believe.” Yet how many took the time to evaluate the information media, politics, family, and friends, social circles and educators throw at them?

With all this noise on what you should think (believe), how does one hear their inner voice?

If you have questions about what you believe… or if you just want to be CLEAR and have Facts and Reason behind your Core Values… check out this article and do some writing.

Your Core Values drive everything you believe and influence the choices you make.