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2020: The Year of Living Virtually

I’m perusing through our local paper and hit the “Arts & Events” page. I stop! Arts & Events??? What??? I thought we were”Shut Down!”

Then I read and realize… everything is “Virtual”: Facebook Meeting… Zoom Event… Virtual Tour.

I’m thinking we will look back at 2020 and realize it was the TRUE COMPUTER AGE! The age of looking at everyone and everything through a screen: TV screen, Computer screen, Phone screen, Window screen and… the screen door.

How many “virtual” events have you attended?

My daughter has “virtual” school every day.

All of my work is done via computer or phone… and occasional snail mail.

I’ve been attending a weekly art group through Zoom, and our family has celebrated 3 birthdays via Zoom “Parties”

What do you see as the most interesting or memorable part of Quarantine 2020: The Year of Living Virtually… or “Social Distancing”?

What events in your life were experienced differently?

Inquiring Minds want to know!


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Share Your Soul

#100daychallenge2020 Day 34/100
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My New Favorite App!

Last week my sister sent me an invitation to this app. I’ve been enjoying the app.

Everyday, this app, gives you a quote or joke… something to inspire or make you laugh.

Each day has a theme and a host of questions to help you think about what’s important to you. You can answer one question,or all of them!

Then, you can have conversations with others by sharing likes, dislikes, experiences, thoughts on life… and they can respond! Friends, family, and even love notes for your special someone.

I must admit, at first I was skeptical. Since starting, my sister and I have shared some fun and silly thoughts. My husband and I have shared some sweet love notes.

Now, everyday, I look forward to a new theme, a new question, or new insight into people I care about.

Download Longwalks and build your community! (Or join mine!)

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Dealing with Grief

I admit this is jarring. I would even call it ugly. It’s how I feel.

I am drowning in sadness today. Today it is just too much. There is too much pain… and it is ugly and dark and angry and even scary.

I am at the bottom,

Pain chokes my soul.

Tears I want to shed won’t come.

The Tears won’t fall,

Choking me.

Cracking apart.

Screams stick in my throat.

The pain won’t come out.

Today is a hard day. I know it will pass, but today is still here.


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From My Family Room Couch

Me… on my family room couch

I’m sure I am NOT alone, when I say, “my life now revolves around my family room couch… and the kitchen.”

I have even given up working from my desk… laptop in hand, dog snoring by my side, I’m slogging through work. On my couch.

I’ve been Art Journaling. On my couch.

Catching up on TV… on my couch.

Folding laundry… on my couch.

AND… since my dining room table has become the landing place for EVERYTHING… Eating meals, on my couch.

I can not believe how much time I’ve spent on my couch! I promise, I’m not usually a Couch Potato… but I might be sprouting roots!

New TV!

NOW, my husband got and even BIGGER TV… so we’ll be catching up on movies! … on the couch 😂🤣😂.

#couchtherapy #openandbrave

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Nature Inspires Art


Spring Walk pictures inspired watercolor Journal Entry.

My Five Minute Journal keeps me focused on Gratitude… something I desperately need these days ❤️.

#livecreatively #openandbrave

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My Life Story (Humor)

Random Thoughts

Social Distancing on a beautiful Day

Me social distancing 😁

Taking a walk with beloved teen and crazy dog. 💕

As always, I love outside. New to me: outside is not always kind to me… finding balance in all things.

#allergictooutside #asthma #balance #gratitude #lovesunshine #openandbrave

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Easy Mail Art!

Earlier, I shared a post by ThinkMakeShare blog about making fun envelopes for letters with gift wrapping paper. Over the weekend I had some fun with it and thought I’d share the fruits of my labor!

As you can see, I made cards to fit. The envelopes fit a 4x5in card.

Quarantine is the perfect time to try your hand at that lost art: Letter Writing! And fun it would be if everyone sent even one letter a week! We could all experience the excitement of opening the post to something other than bills, political propaganda, and sales ❤️.

#letterwriting #possibilities #openandbrave

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The Golden Ring of Russia. Photo 1 — SCENOVELA

Photo: Alex Markovich. Sergiev Posad, Moscow Oblast, Russia. December 2015.

The Golden Ring of Russia. Photo 1 — SCENOVELA

I absolutely LOVE everything about this photo. Looking at it makes me smile, not just my face, a Full Heart Smile. I’ve always found trees to be beautiful. Trees speak to me on a spiritual level: joy, sorrow, pain, laughter. It’s all mixed up inside of me. The bird in this picture makes me think of HOPE.

Right now, I am always looking for ways to keep hope alive. Hope for this quarantine to end. Hope for all those that are sick, heal. Hope for all the families and friends of loved ones survive the pain of loss. Hope that our love of humanity wins out over political and social differences that are tearing our country apart at the seams. Hope for a better tomorrow for my daughter and all the children growing up in this surreal atmosphere of isolation, fear, and blame.

This beautiful photo by Russian Photographer makes me realize that though our world is wide, it is also very small. We may be in different parts of the world, speak different languages, experience this pandemic in completely different ways…. but nature is always there. There are trees and birds and seasons and reasons to look for beauty in the everyday.