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Think About Your Choices

Take some time to really THINK about the choices you are making.

Think them through to their ultimate conclusion.

Think about the chain reaction that is set in motion each time you chose. There are good and bad choices in a moment, but EVERY CHOICE has a chain reaction.

Stop looking for the “quick fix” and start considering true changes: changes that set you on the path you want to travel.

The choices you make, big or small, are important, not just in YOUR LIFE, in all the lives surrounding yours.

When you pause and take time to think about your choices, you realize you are far more powerful than you might have assumed in any given moment.

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Why Freedom Demands Responsibility

Why Freedom Demands Responsibility

Why Freedom Demands Responsibility
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A bit of reading. It’s 💯 worth your time.

The freedoms we have in the USA are priceless!

Food For Thought


You should ALWAYS exercise your civil right and civil duty to Vote!

We, in the USA, are BLESSED, to have the honor and the right to vote for the officials that run our communities, our States, and our Country!

Last year I chose NOT to vote in the Presidential Election. I DID VOTE, Though! I VOTED for my Community and State officials.

This year, I chose to vote in the Presidential Election AND my Local and State Elections.

Whatever your political views, exercise your right to VOTE. It is a gift and a privilege that many around the world do not have.

Use your personal power and responsibility wisely.

Always remember: your voice (vote) has the BIGGEST IMPACT close to HOME. Even if you don’t like politics (I don’t), Voting is a person power you have to determine how your community is run: how your city or town is maintained, the amount of taxes you pay, the quality of your schools, whether new business come to your town or old ones close up shop. These are all affected by HOW YOU VOTE.

Blessings 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Got up early to VOTE!
Food For Thought

The Calm to Face Life

If ever there was a day I needed this… it’s today!

Who am I kidding???

Since March, this has been EVERY DAY. I think I may need a tattoo on my arm… or on my palm. Somewhere I can 👀 it EVERYDAY and remind myself to CHILL THE F*** OUT.

Life happens. I can’t control it. I can only control how I RESPOND to it. I admit, honestly: some days not so good.

Still, if I’m fair to myself, there are more days I do well at it than days I let life take me down.

Progress. I’m working toward progress… until I can get to that imagined point where the storm of life rages around me, and I am the calm.

Random Thoughts

Choosing Your Words

Is there anything to say that does not offend someone?

In today’s world of “politically correct” and “micro aggressions” is ANY SPEECH safe from ridicule?

I feel like all the joy in conversation and debate has been taken away. I am rarely at ease anymore with anyone. Always worried something I say will be taken as argumentative, offensive, or even hurtful.

I miss the days of throwing out a thought, opinion, or observation, and then having an in-depth conversation over its merits or lack there of. Is it meaningful? Does it have validity? Is there evidence for or against? What experience do you provide to support or object? Have we learned something new?

I feel stagnant in this culture of divisiveness. You can only share ideas, opinions or thoughts that agree or you are labeled intolerant!

When did the very definition of intolerance loose its meaning?

I’m trying to think back to WHEN, exactly, we crossed this line where freedom of speech is only acceptable if you agree. I really can’t put my finger on when.., I just know now, that no one has the ability to laugh at themselves, see the reality in the ridiculous, the humor in the stereotype.


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That Dangerous “Pointing Finger”

Random Thoughts

Happy July 4th!

Just another in a string of Holidays spent in isolation.

My apologies for the long absence. My job in Home Healthcare has been CRAZY the past month and 2020 in general has been a struggle in many ways: mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I like to share positive changes and new growth, but so far my life is all about keeping my head above water and my depression and anxiety at bay. I have been somewhat successful: as in only a few Anxiety meltdowns, and usually keeping a smile on my face.

How are YOU doing half-way through 2020?

Are you still in isolation mode?

Connecticut, USA is starting to open up, and friends are still anxious about socializing. The COVID guidelines have business in a state of constant fear of being shut-down by any complaint.

What are you doing to keep your spirits up?

If you’re in the USA, how are you getting through these Holidays that are not feeling like holidays?

I’m trying to celebrate!

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Food For Thought

Use Your Attention Wisely

Food For Thought

What Are YOU Inviting Yourself to Experience?

Art Journal 39/100


How will YOU answer that question?

Today, the sun is shining the allergens are low and I am sitting in the sun.

Today, I made time for Art Therapy with my group via Zoom, not something I’ve allowed myself for a few weeks.

Today I invite myself to embrace my child-like joy.

Today I invite myself to BE IN THIS MOMENT.

Today I invite myself to Dance, without judgement.

Today I invite myself to Breath with ease.

Today I invite myself to be FREE: of judgement, guilt, and the “shoulds”

Today I invite myself to laugh and smile for NO REASON.

What will YOU invite yourself to do?

#possibilities #openandbrave

Random Thoughts

2020: The Year of Living Virtually

I’m perusing through our local paper and hit the “Arts & Events” page. I stop! Arts & Events??? What??? I thought we were”Shut Down!”

Then I read and realize… everything is “Virtual”: Facebook Meeting… Zoom Event… Virtual Tour.

I’m thinking we will look back at 2020 and realize it was the TRUE COMPUTER AGE! The age of looking at everyone and everything through a screen: TV screen, Computer screen, Phone screen, Window screen and… the screen door.

How many “virtual” events have you attended?

My daughter has “virtual” school every day.

All of my work is done via computer or phone… and occasional snail mail.

I’ve been attending a weekly art group through Zoom, and our family has celebrated 3 birthdays via Zoom “Parties”

What do you see as the most interesting or memorable part of Quarantine 2020: The Year of Living Virtually… or “Social Distancing”?

What events in your life were experienced differently?

Inquiring Minds want to know!