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Ushering in 2021

Ushering in a New Year, a New President, a New attitude.

I don’t agree with the new President or administration policies.

That said, I ALWAYS respect THE OFFICE and the PROCESS. 🤔

Let’s ALL try to remember/learn a few important LIFE FACTS:

  1. The Politicians that run your STATE and your COMMUNITY have more power over how you live and your quality of life than the President.
  2. If you are unhappy with what is going on around you, BE THE CHANGE you want to see.
  3. You can ALWAYS voice complaints to your LOCAL and STATE Politicians for CHANGE.
  4. Be part of the SOLUTION, stop worrying about WHO is responsible for the problem.
  5. We don’t have to AGREE on ANYTHING to BE KIND and HELP OTHERS.
Personal Growth

Breakdown = Breakthrough

Over my lifetime thus far, this holds true.

For, me, change always comes when I’ve run out of options, I’m in pieces, at the bottom of a pit looking up.

I understand, for some it seems not to be true; but honesty, I don’t believe it. Your bottom may be deeper than someone else’s or the reverse may be true, but if we are HONEST with each other… change comes to us because there IS NO OTHER OPTION.

If we want to grow. If we want to achieve. If we want to heal.

Where ever you are in your journey: on the slide down, the bottom, on that steep climb up… the choice is always in your hands… WHEN to change.

Strength & Love on your journey.

Food For Thought

Think About Your Choices

Take some time to really THINK about the choices you are making.

Think them through to their ultimate conclusion.

Think about the chain reaction that is set in motion each time you chose. There are good and bad choices in a moment, but EVERY CHOICE has a chain reaction.

Stop looking for the “quick fix” and start considering true changes: changes that set you on the path you want to travel.

The choices you make, big or small, are important, not just in YOUR LIFE, in all the lives surrounding yours.

When you pause and take time to think about your choices, you realize you are far more powerful than you might have assumed in any given moment.

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Why Freedom Demands Responsibility

Why Freedom Demands Responsibility

Why Freedom Demands Responsibility
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A bit of reading. It’s 💯 worth your time.

The freedoms we have in the USA are priceless!

Food For Thought

Beauty in the Struggle

This tree blew me away yesterday.

This tree is obviously not doing well, and hit hard by a recent storm in our area… but it struck me as BEAUTIFUL.

Even in suffering there is beauty. If I can recognize the beautiful moments in a bad day, month year (be honest! We’ve all had them), it gives me the courage I need to keep moving forward.

I don’t know if this tree will live to see another season, all I know, is in that moment I saw the beauty instead of the suffering… and that gave me hope.

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That Dangerous “Pointing Finger”

Food For Thought · Personal Growth

Life Happens

This lesson can be a harsh one. Reality is, until you take responsibility for the choices you make (thoughts, actions,words) you are playing the victim.

Life happens to everyone. Tragedy happens to everyone. There are bad people who do bad things to us.

How you CHOOSE to deal with life, in all its messiness, determines what kind of life you lead.

Your happiness is a choice. Your happiness and success isn’t going to look the same as someone else. Not everyone is meant to be the star, the athlete, the famous… whatever. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a good life, a purposeful life.

Live your life with purpose and meaning. Take responsibility for your mistakes and use the lessons to improve yourself.

Don’t compare yourself or your life to anyone else. Yes, they may have more than you… they may also have more pain, more trials, more responsibility.

Never judge your insides against another person’s outsides. You don’t know their whole story. Their life is not meant for you.

Be your best YOU. Be responsible for YOUR actions. Go after what you want. Remember while you do, all actions and choices have consequences, don’t be shocked when the consequences come knocking on your door.

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