Personal Growth

Learning New Technology!

I just got a new laptop/tablet that has handwriting and drawing capabilities! It’s so exciting and so intimidating in the same breath.


The above is my first SAVED attempt at writing with my new pen. I love that it has an all-color (rainbow) affect. I’m still learning how to use the pen and control what’s on the screen. I’m also learning to use a smaller keyboard.

Do you enjoy learning new technology?

I used to love learining new software. Now, not so much. It seems as I get older, my learning curve seems to have slowed down. I still love learning new things but the tech is more challenge less fun.

This new laptop is a mix of both. the drawing aspect is is so fun! The new keyboard and new windows software less so.

I recently switched phones: iPhone to Samsung and I’m still learning the ropes! Thank God I have a teenager to help me. On this front she’s a true wonder.

Who helps you deal with new technology? Are you a tech whiz? Or like me, a former whiz turned struggler?

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