Food For Thought


You should ALWAYS exercise your civil right and civil duty to Vote!

We, in the USA, are BLESSED, to have the honor and the right to vote for the officials that run our communities, our States, and our Country!

Last year I chose NOT to vote in the Presidential Election. I DID VOTE, Though! I VOTED for my Community and State officials.

This year, I chose to vote in the Presidential Election AND my Local and State Elections.

Whatever your political views, exercise your right to VOTE. It is a gift and a privilege that many around the world do not have.

Use your personal power and responsibility wisely.

Always remember: your voice (vote) has the BIGGEST IMPACT close to HOME. Even if you don’t like politics (I don’t), Voting is a person power you have to determine how your community is run: how your city or town is maintained, the amount of taxes you pay, the quality of your schools, whether new business come to your town or old ones close up shop. These are all affected by HOW YOU VOTE.

Blessings 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Got up early to VOTE!

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