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My New Favorite App!

Last week my sister sent me an invitation to this app. I’ve been enjoying the app.

Everyday, this app, gives you a quote or joke… something to inspire or make you laugh.

Each day has a theme and a host of questions to help you think about what’s important to you. You can answer one question,or all of them!

Then, you can have conversations with others by sharing likes, dislikes, experiences, thoughts on life… and they can respond! Friends, family, and even love notes for your special someone.

I must admit, at first I was skeptical. Since starting, my sister and I have shared some fun and silly thoughts. My husband and I have shared some sweet love notes.

Now, everyday, I look forward to a new theme, a new question, or new insight into people I care about.

Download Longwalks and build your community! (Or join mine!)

Random Thoughts

Easy Mail Art!

Earlier, I shared a post by ThinkMakeShare blog about making fun envelopes for letters with gift wrapping paper. Over the weekend I had some fun with it and thought I’d share the fruits of my labor!

As you can see, I made cards to fit. The envelopes fit a 4x5in card.

Quarantine is the perfect time to try your hand at that lost art: Letter Writing! And fun it would be if everyone sent even one letter a week! We could all experience the excitement of opening the post to something other than bills, political propaganda, and sales ❤️.

#letterwriting #possibilities #openandbrave

Random Thoughts

My Ode to Coffee!

Random Thoughts


My Girl one FIRST PLACE at today’s State HOSA Conference.

Her first Conference!

Earlier this month she took a Veterinary Exam to place in competition for the conference. I was so proud of her for taking on the challenge. She had to take on extra study on top of an already rigorous school/study schedule of all Honors classes.

She’s working so hard toward her goal. She wants to go to Cornell for undergraduate and veterinary school. She knows how fierce tithe competition is and she’s set her sights high.

Random Thoughts

Coffee Feeds My Soul

The smell, the taste, the warm mug in my hands… it’s magical and perfect… coffee tastes like motivation and possibilities!

#coffeelover #possibilites #openandbrave

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Personal Growth

This Amazing Young Woman

How can I even express the heart-bursting love and pride I have for my daughter?

My husband and I are spending a lot of time thinking about how much she’s changed, enlivened, expanded our lives. AND how hard it’s going to be to let her go when she goes off to college in 3.5 short years.

Children are such an amazing and challenging gift. They make us face the best and worst of ourselves (hearing your words come out of their mouth??? The horror!).

You’re told, when you bring them home, that the time “flies” and amidst the up-all-night exhaustion that comes with that first year… or in our case, years. You think, “I will be HERE for-EVER!” Then, one morning, you’re seeing them off to kindergarten. Suddenly, they are in that trying world of Middle School (you thought you escaped? Ha-ha! It’s baaack!). Next minute, they’ve graduated Eighth Grade and are facing High School! Oh. My. God. Only 4 years left before they belong to the WORLD… and not just you 💔.

You hope and pray that you’ve thought them self-reliance, respect, how to battle procrastination, and how to follow their “gut instinct.” Now, in High School, our daughter is faced with so many more influences… is she strong enough to be her own person? That’s where we are today: end of first term, freshman year.

Ah… the mid-term crunch! Her very first experience with HUGE exams (we tell her, the tests get bigger! The projects get harder!). And here we are: proud of our little “worker bee” studying hard to keep those A’s by doing well on her exams. All I can think is, “how did we get so lucky?” She’s not the smartest (maybe), but she is a HARD WORKER. Her drive to do well and her goal of going to an Ivy League School and on to Veterinary School is inspiring.

This drive she has… it amazes us. Neither my husband or I were brilliant students, we didn’t even try to be. We’ve never pressured our daughter to be a straight A student either. But, she knows where she wants to go. She knows what’s required to get there. And we HAVE thought her she can achieve any goal by doing the work.

To be honest, I know the Ivy League is a tough goal. Will she make it to Cornell? I don’t know. What I DO KNOW… is that if being a veterinarian is what she wants, she will get there! I believe in her and her ability to work hard and stay focused. I’d like to think we taught

her that. The truth is probably a mix: some she was born with, some was taught, and the rest reinforced ❤️.

She is truly dazzling.

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I Wonder Where the Wonder Went

I Wonder Where the Wonder Went

I Wonder Where the Wonder Went

— Read on selfimprovement1.ga/i-wonder-where-the-wonder-went/

A great article to read and ponder the question…

Where did YOUR wonder go?

Is it something you feel you’ve lost?

Is it something you continue to feed?

Personally, I fight hard to keep my wonder. I enjoy meeting new people, learning new things, read, stop and observe my surroundings, and let my mind wander!




Random Thoughts

Nature Makes Life Better

Personal Growth

Into Every Life A Little Humor Must Fall

I was feeling STRESSED!! Crazy employee with weird questions and/or responses to question we’re making me want to bang my head against the wall.

Then, like a ray of sunshine on this gloomy, irritating afternoon came a funny Planner Sticker to make me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!

Thank you, Happy Planner, for turning my “frown upside-down”

#laughteristhebestmedicine #adultingishard #openandbrave