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I Wonder Where the Wonder Went

I Wonder Where the Wonder Went

I Wonder Where the Wonder Went

— Read on selfimprovement1.ga/i-wonder-where-the-wonder-went/

A great article to read and ponder the question…

Where did YOUR wonder go?

Is it something you feel you’ve lost?

Is it something you continue to feed?

Personally, I fight hard to keep my wonder. I enjoy meeting new people, learning new things, read, stop and observe my surroundings, and let my mind wander!




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Nature Makes Life Better

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Into Every Life A Little Humor Must Fall

I was feeling STRESSED!! Crazy employee with weird questions and/or responses to question we’re making me want to bang my head against the wall.

Then, like a ray of sunshine on this gloomy, irritating afternoon came a funny Planner Sticker to make me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!

Thank you, Happy Planner, for turning my “frown upside-down”

#laughteristhebestmedicine #adultingishard #openandbrave

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You’ve got hugs! Teaching kids to write letters

What a great way to inspire Letter writing! Something today’s world is rapidly losing. Who doesn’t love opening the mailbox to a handwritten letter?

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Our absolute best, totally essential pumpkin painting tips

Fall fun!!! Can’t wait to get the paints out!!!

Our absolute best, totally essential pumpkin painting tips

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Happiness is A CHOICE