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Have You tried any meal prep service?

We recently started a trial with HelloFresh. Our first order of ingredients for 3 meals arrived December 13, 2021.

12/13/2021: southwest beef cavatappi*, one pan moo shu pork bowls, chicken ramen in shout-style broth*,
12/20/2021: spiced chicken in apricot sauce*, sheet pan walnut-crusted salmon*, middle eastern chickpea bowls

12/27/2021: sheet pan herby balsamic pork tenderloin*, Tuscan chicken with balsamic tomato sauce, middle eastern chickpea bowls*(week2),

Week 1 favorites: Ramen💯. Week 3 favorites: chicken and the chickpea bowl. Week 3: pork tenderloin (haven’t made Tuscan Chicken yet).

Thoughts on trying the service:

  • Convenience 100%
  • Ease of use 80%
  • Trying new dishes 100%
  • Taste 60%

Having at least a few meals delivered with all the ingredients, instructions, and perfect portions is definitely a MAJOR PLUS. The opportunity to try new dishes: also a big plus. Ease of recipes, prep, and cleanup is decent, not perfect.

Now the biggie: TASTE. I think this is highly personal. Our family: not a fan of sauces of any kind, unless it’s on pasta. Also, we LOVE spicy food. These meals didn’t often hit the spice level we were hoping for.

Still, overall it’s been fun. We still have 2 weeks more to go. I’m still not convinced the value meets the benefit, but I’m keeping an open mind.

Have you ever tried a service like this?

Which one?

What are your thoughts?

Your experience?