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Why Do You Blog?


By Dr. Perry

This popped up in my WORDPRESS feed at the right time: I’m coming up on my 1-year anniversary for my Blog and considering if it’s serving a purpose, for others, for me.

I started my blog as a companion to the Facebook Page I was trying to grow into a community of support for people searching for purpose, interested in growing, and wanting to set and accomplish goals.
Admittedly, the first month I thought I’d lost my mind. Thinking I could set up and contribute regularly to a webpage was overwhelming. Though I’d read Blog posts before and enjoyed them, the thought of having a Blog of my own was (and still is) terrifying. I’m great one-to-one, but putting my self “out there” into the world still scares me.
Friends (most of whom don’t even follow my page!) kept encouraging me that I had something worth sharing.

The biggest reward for me is starring down my fear and putting myself out “there”, wherever that is.

I have a few followers and have received very little feedback, so that side has not yet felt like a reward. However, each time I share some aspect of myself or something that interests me… my fear lessens and I’m more empowered.
The reward is personal: recognizing my voice and accepting that my voice matters, if only to me.

Thanks, Dr. Perry, for your Blog post. This actually made me feel MORE committed to my Blog. I was considering giving it up, but now I see it is fulfilling a purpose: It’s ok if the purpose is me!

Random Thoughts

From My Family Room Couch

Me… on my family room couch

I’m sure I am NOT alone, when I say, “my life now revolves around my family room couch… and the kitchen.”

I have even given up working from my desk… laptop in hand, dog snoring by my side, I’m slogging through work. On my couch.

I’ve been Art Journaling. On my couch.

Catching up on TV… on my couch.

Folding laundry… on my couch.

AND… since my dining room table has become the landing place for EVERYTHING… Eating meals, on my couch.

I can not believe how much time I’ve spent on my couch! I promise, I’m not usually a Couch Potato… but I might be sprouting roots!

New TV!

NOW, my husband got and even BIGGER TV… so we’ll be catching up on movies! … on the couch 😂🤣😂.

#couchtherapy #openandbrave

Food For Thought

Searching for Motivation and Meaning

I always start my day TRYING to focus on Gratitude. For I’m a firm believer that no matter how lost I feel, there is always SOMETHING to be grateful for.

I was looking at the gallery for my daily gratitude journal (I use the Five Minute Journal App), and realized how many quotes there were. Some weeks are more pictures, others quotes. This week has been heavy on the quotes.

What I see: I’m searching for inspiration. Things that make me laugh, think, find gratitude, or motivate me.

We’ve been in quarantine/social distancing mode since mid-March. It’s getting harder. I miss people. I miss interactions. I miss all the weird, funny, crazy that comes from BEING out in the world.

I don’t know how long it’s been for you. Maybe you’ve never been stuck at home because of your profession and long to be in my shoes. Maybe the social distancing experience is different for you because of your circumstances or personality.

Personally… I’m getting to the point of hysteria. I’m introverted, but I also like people. The first three weeks weren’t bad. I liked being cocooned at home with my family.

My daughter is thriving in this environment: she’s loving virtual schooling and has been successful at getting everything done. She’s happy to video chat with her friends and has little to no desire to go anywhere.

My husband is more stressed. He’s the one who works outside the home. He does the shopping and errands. He worries about me. I have asthma, so I’m higher risk for infection and he feels grateful that I work from home and prefers that I stay home.

Me: I’m wanting to be outside, on the rare nice day… but the allergies and asthma have forced me to stay in-doors. I miss seeing clients and caregivers. I miss interacting with the world.

In the meantime, I’m using my Art Journal as an outlet for expression and finding quotes to keep me inspired and motivated to keep moving forward.

The Five Minute Journal app by Intelligent Change has helped keep me positive and appreciate life more.


#gratitude #openandbrave

Personal Growth

Transformation Week

This post was from the first week of January 2019.

I way overslept and now I’m trying to get my day back on track
It will happen!

How do you rain-in your day when it’s gone off the rails?

#transformationweek #Hpxlife
Technically, Day 3 (video & worksheet post at 1pm PST)
I’m starting my day working on Day 2 exercises: Get Energy!
If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time!!! Go to TransformationWeek.com to get logged in! It’s FREE!  #openandbrave

So yesterday was a bit crazy with catching up on my late start. However, I want to share how much I am learning and enjoying #transformationweek #hpxlife with Brendon Burchard and his wife, Denise!

Day 3 topic: self-discipline (an area I always can improve!)
Day 4 topic: productivity mind-set

I encourage anyone struggling with momentum, setting intentions, trying to figure out what you want… etc. to CHECK IT OUT! The worksheets really help get clarity.

Looking forward to Day 5!!!

**HPXLife with Brendon Burchard has just completed another Transformation Week! (June 2019) Check out Transformationweek.com for more upcoming dates. **

Personal Growth

Looking Back on 2018

Originally posted December 2018

2018 has been a year of highs and lows for me. As this year comes close… as I’m thinking of the highs the following come to mind:
1. I was immersed in school, learning new, challenging information and skills.
2. I overcame my fear of science!
3. I made several amazing NEW friends.
4. I made High Honors every term.
5. I completed Medical Office Professional program.
6. Reinvested in an OLD friendship.
7. I transformed my perspective (work in-progress)

I am incredibly grateful for all of these wonderful experiences, and the friends and family who have supported me on this journey.

There were downs, of course, but these were either motivators for something good, or lessons I needed to learn.

Looking into 2019:
1. Continue Perspective transformation.
2. Work on continuity in my habits.
3. Self-care: gut health, strength of body and spirit, and better sleep.
4. Career: a meaningful job.
5. Financial freedom.

What are your highlights for 2018? No matter how tough it was, there were good things: bring the good stuff with you! Leave the rest in 2018.

What are your intentions for 2019? I like to think in terms of intentions rather than “Resolutions.”

WHY? Because intentions are on-going. Intentions are “progress not perfection.” Resolutions are pass/fail.
#goals #openandbrave

Food For Thought


Working it DAILY ❤️

Personal Growth

Don’t Quit


A video I did last year.

Rings true today as I am struggling with back pain and forced to do almost nothing.

Working on staying positive and looking on the bright side: I’m better today than yesterday, and I work from home where I can do a lot via cell phone and laptop.

Be Brave, Friends! Don’t Quit!!


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Declutter Your Life

A Thousand Times “YES!” 💯

I’ve been DREAMING about decluttering.., so it must be time!

Great Guidelines 😁

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Food For Thought

Are YOU at Peace?

If the Answer is “YES”

What are you actively doing to be in that place of peacefulness?

If the answer is “NO”

Ask yourself some questions… take stock of where you are in this moment.

  • Where are you feeling ill-at-ease?
  • What is bothering you?
  • What can you CHANGE?
  • What ACTIONS can you take to move toward Peace?

#beatpeace #learningmentality #possibilities #openandbrave

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How Success is Like a Chinese Bamboo Tree – Matt Morris

How Success is Like a Chinese Bamboo Tree – Matt Morris
— Read on www.mattmorris.com/how-success-is-like-a-chinese-bamboo-tree/

This article is so inspiring! When I read it in December 2018, it kickstarted my growth journey and the development of EVE: Empowerment Vitality Evolution.

I felt it was worth revisiting for motivation 2020 💪🏻.

#openandbrave #possibilities