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You don’t like me? That’s OKAY!

One of my most difficult life lessons has been accepting that it’s ok that not all people like me. I don’t like everyone either!

More important than that lesson is that it is ok to disagree AND still like and respect another person or not 😉.

More often than not, something that bothers me in someone else, is a BIGGER version of a failing I see in myself.

Let’s all try to spend some time thinking about this:

Difference of opinion and experience is what makes us each unique. We can learn from each other, disagree with each other, even not like each other… and STILL Be respectful.

Being polite does not have to be connect or equivalent to liking or agreeing with another person.

Compassion is key.

3 thoughts on “You don’t like me? That’s OKAY!

  1. I used to become easily peaceless when someone was unhappy about me. I got disturbed and kept thinking about that one person. Till someone reminded me and asked me “Why should you let one person disturb you when you have many other friends loce you?”.

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  2. Nice message Angie and very wise. I agree! I think being offended is a choice we make. I also think we give away our power when we are. By not taking offence you retain your power. If we are offended there’s something we need to figure out – we need to look inward and ask why instead placing our expectations on others. Wishing you well Angie 🙏

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